Concussions are a serious problem in youth sports and AYBA takes them seriously. All parents, coaches, and players should understand the risks of concussions. Information about concussions can be obtained at the CDC web site –

To make sure that all coaches are familiar with the latest information on concussions, all AYBA coaches are required to do annual concussion training.

For the safety of our players, all AYBA coaches and officials are required to remove from practices and games any players who are showing signs of concussions or are suspected of having a concussion.

When an AYBA player has shown symptoms of a concussion they may not return to practice or games until they no longer show signs of concussions. They also must be evaluated by a licensed physician or athletic trainer, and the medical professional must give written permission for the player to return to participation in basketball activities. The written permission must be given to the player’s coach, and the coach must pass a copy of it on to the AYBA board.

This policy is based on Minnesota law:

Updated: September 5, 2019