Child abuse is a serious problem in American society. Following of the Safe Sport Act of 2018 (, the AYBA has adopted the following policy to prevent abuse in our program and to deal with any reports of abuse.

Coaching Application

All prospective coaches will fill out an application annually with AYBA. This application will ask about:

1) Coaching experience.

2) Prior allegations against the prospective coach of child abuse.

3) At least two references.

Background checks

All prospective AYBA coaches will be required to complete a background check before coaching and annually after that.


All AYBA coaches are required to watch the Positive Coaching Alliance Video on preventing abuse – Parents are also encouraged to to watch the video.

Coaches and Players

At least two adults (normally two coaches) must be present at all team practices. Coaches cannot have private practices with individual players. Coaches should not interact with an individual player via any social media platform.   

Abuse Reporting

Any coach, parent, player, or volunteer should report any cases of suspected abuse to AYBA Secretary.  TheAYBA Secretary is required to report the incident to the proper law enforcement authorities. The AYBA Secretary will inform the rest of the board about the incident.  The AYBA board may suspend the coach or volunteer, while the allegations are being investigated.  The identity of the person who reported the abuse will remain confidential.

Updated: September 5, 2019